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3 Tips on How to Take Control of Your Diabetes

3 Tips on How to Take Control of Your Diabetes

As you age, your body’s defenses to certain diseases weaken. A poor lifestyle, such as not engaging in exercise, smoking, poor eating habits, and drinking also contribute to costly health consequences in your later life.

Today, one of the leading causes of death among Americans is diabetes. Aside from genetics, this complex medical condition is developed by eating calorie and sugar-rich foods excessively.

Living with diabetes creates many changes in your daily life. It is a chronic illness that increases risks for other serious health problems such as heart trouble and nerve damage.

To help you or a loved one get through this lifetime disease, here are some tips we, at Hearts At Home Companion Care would like to share with you:

  • Plan your meal

    Taking control of your diabetes begins with regulating your blood sugar. To start off, consult your physician on the diet suitable for your condition. Create a meal plan that will help fight obesity, boost your energy and at the same time, maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Choose meals that are rich in calcium, fiber, and omega 3. Help your body take control of diabetes by understanding how your food choices are closely connected to your diabetic condition.

  • Create an exercise routine

    Keep your diabetes in check by keeping an exercise regimen that is suitable for your condition. Obesity largely contributes to the increase in your blood sugar. Through healthy exercise routines, you are able to compensate for the downside of having diabetes due to genetics. By combining it with a balanced diet and proper medication, you are able to manage your disease better.

  • Stay Hydrated

    The simplest way to self-manage your diabetes is drinking lots of water everyday. Since the risk of dehydration is higher as manifested in frequent thirstiness, it is imperative that you keep your body hydrated. This will aid your kidney to eliminate excess glucose and other harmful products. Make water drinking a habit to strengthen your body’s capacity to fight off other diabetes-related complications.

As one of the most trusted Non-Medical Home Care Services in Norman, Oklahoma, we want to help you keep your health in check. We understand that the golden years can trigger diseases that you may not have experienced in the past. Through these tips, we hope to shed light on one of the world’s most common diseases.

For a balance between structured care services and compassionate delivery, talk to us! We want to help you experience a less stressful and a more meaningful life at home. Reach us today at 405-310-4000.

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