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3 Ways Your Senior Loved Ones Can Enjoy Summer

3 Ways Your Senior Loved Ones Can Enjoy Summer

Old age does not mean missing out on the good weather and summer heat. In fact, summer is for everyone. Our senior loved ones can enjoy summer just as we can. Although, their activities may be limited but with our companionship services at Hearts At Home Companion Care, a growing non-medical home care services in Norman, Oklahoma, we will find ways to let your senior loved ones enjoy summer this year.

After the cold winter, your seniors deserve a breath of summer air. And we will give you some ideas on how to let your seniors enjoy summer and the flowers of May.

  1. Take a walk

    This may be an overused activity but it never gets old. Summertime is the best time to stroll around. You get to see flowers growing on the streets or in the parks making your stroll a little more colorful and fun. When the sun is out, you will also feel refreshed because of the summer heat. It gives your body a new temperature after a cold season and releases the pent up stress in your body.

  2. Enjoy the holidays

    There is a myriad of reasons to celebrate this summer season. First is because you get to enjoy the beach again and second because of the upcoming festivals. One of these is the Memorial Day. Your senior patients may want to participate in any activities during Memorial Day. If they are physically fit to do so, then you should let them have fun.

    Almost every household celebrate national holidays, it is a perfect venue for your seniors to mingle and socialize as well. They can be with their families or they can take part in any activity sponsored by the community. This is very helpful to their mental well-being. It reduces stress and it also keeps their body active.

  3. Invite the family for a picnic or random outdoor activities

    Summer season is also the best time to be with the family. As caregivers, you can invite the family to have an outdoor brunch or picnic in one of the weekends. Your senior patient would really appreciate it if they can be with their family even just for a short while.

    Going to the countryside is also enjoyable since they get to have a change of scenery and be with nature. Flowers and fresh air is very helpful for relaxation and relieving stress. The family can spend time with their loved ones and they get to know about the well-being of their loved ones.

These are just some suggested activities that you might want to do with your seniors this summer. It would also be good if you can ask for their opinion on what they would like to do or if there are places they would want to go in the next few days. Just make sure that they are physically able and they have a companion who can assist them with their activities.

For more fun ideas for your senior patients this summer, schedule a consultation with us at Hearts At Home Companion Care. For details, visit our office at 320 W. Main Street, Suite E. Norman, Oklahoma 73072.

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