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7 Hazards that Makes Home Companion Services Necessary

7 Hazards that Makes Home Companion Services Necessary

Let us face the fact that as each day pass, our senior loved ones grow more sensitive. They will need assistance in moving around. They will also need help in keeping up with their medications. Not to mention, the need for someone to help them with bathroom issues. Such are sad facts of old age but it is our responsibility as family members to be their strength in these times.

Hearts At Home Companion Care is a trusted provider of Non-Medical Home Care Services in Norman, Oklahoma. We usually center our craft in giving warm and friendly companionship. As your senior loved one grow older each day, our services can help them live a better life. Why is that so? Here are many risks that we can help them avoid:

  1. Fall risks.
    Falling does not only lead to grave injuries, it can bring about an untimely demise too! This is where home care companions make a difference. They can help organize the home to prevent obstacles and assist the patient in moving to places.
  2. Germ and viral infections.
    For many senior citizens, getting cleaned is already challenging. But the real problem lies ahead. If one stays unclean for too long, bacteria and viruses can gather and wreak havoc on the body. Having someone assist your loved ones’ hygienic needs can actually save their lives.
  3. Food poisoning.
    Food poisoning is not a rare incident for the baby boomers, especially those who are living alone. It can be in a form of expired milk, a moldy meat, or a bruised vegetable. Help thwart this possibility by hiring someone who eyes the old-timer’s every meal.
  4. Improper medications.
    Both underdosage and overdosage are equally dangerous. Medicines are to be taken at specific amounts, frequency, and schedules. With the help of a mindful companion, senior patients can be guided of what to take and when to take them.
  5. Fire accidents.
    Almost every day, you find in the newspaper that a house got burned. But what makes it more tragic? A lone senior citizen is inside. Getting the services of a responsible home care companion can shun this misfortune.
  6. Burglars.
    Favorite preys of burglars are senior citizens living by themselves. It is because of their physical weakness that makes them an easy target. Though home care companions do not serve as personal bodyguards, their presence will discourage lurking burglars.
  7. Depression.
    Depression is a dark, overwhelming and inexplicable feeling of guilt and emptiness. When alone, this condition can be really difficult to handle. Home care companions can offer friendly talks and a warm company. They can be your senior loved ones’ mental, emotional, and psychological support.

We care for your senior loved ones as much as you do! With highly skilled and trained professionals, we ensure to only deliver optimized and first-rate care! To get our services, you may call 405-310-4000. We also entertain inquiries via email at marcia@heartsathomeok.com.

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