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Facts to Know About the Killer Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, 25.9% or 11 million seniors aging from 65 years and above suffer from diabetes. The same association has also noted that the disease remains to be the 7th killer in the United States. Diabetes is a disease wherein the blood sugar levels of the body become too high – … Continue reading

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Fighting Off Depression in the Elderly

Do you live with an elderly at home? Have you noticed them act in the following manner? Isolation- choosing to stay alone in the room eight loss of loss of appetite Lack of motivation and energy Insomnia or sleep disturbances Increased use of alcohol Forgetting about personal care and hygiene Suicidal attempts Headaches and abdominal … Continue reading

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A Good Candidate for Senior Companionship

The changing needs of an older adult require him or her to increase his or her need of a companion. This companion is expected to provide care and at the same time, give assistance for the senior to cope with the physical, mental, and emotional changes that cripple them. We all have our own idea … Continue reading

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Is Holiday Depression Even a Thing?

Holidays are that time of the year when we can unwind and spend the rest of the day with our family, our friends, our special someone or even with ourselves. We all look forward to these times of the year particularly the holiday season. So how was the holiday? How joyous was the trick or … Continue reading

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