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Emotional Hazards of Retirement

Emotional Hazards of Retirement

Retirement is not just rainbows and puppies. Sometimes, older adults who are well off into their retirement years would feel various emotions. These emotions include the negative ones such as fear and depression.What are the common stumbling blocks of retirement? How can you help avoid it?

  • Feeling lost at sea
    Working gave us a sense of purpose and a sense of pride. When we already retire, we tend to watch the younger ones go to work and be productive. On the other hand, we are left doing nothing and waiting for the day to pass by.We miss our boss and the way he or she bug us at times. We hate the fact that we will not be able to hear some compliments back, especially when we did a good job. We do not want to admit it but we miss the people we use to work with, even the bothersome colleagues.Aside from losing our work, we also lost the social connections we once had. We can no longer go out with our coworkers and celebrate the week’s end with a drink. We can no longer be in associations and just spend the rest of our time at home. But why limit yourself in that?You can still go out of your house and join a class. You can still visit friends and family and continue catching up on each other. Or if you do not fancy visiting, why not try calling? There are millions of ways on how you can enjoy your retirement. Do not focus on the negative ones.
  • Questions about one’s life
    When we were asked who we are, our answers are often linked to the job we are doing or the profession we are undertaking. But because one is already in their retirement, they did not only lose their job but also their sense of identity.But of course, you are not solely defined based on what you do. You are a human person and that is what makes you the finest version of yourself. You have different circumstances. You are unique in your own way. So once you retire, find your sense of uniqueness.Who are the people you love and what are you in their eyes? What are your unrealized dreams? What makes you happy? What do you love doing? Put your answers together and this shall be your new identity as you embark on a new journey.
  • Sense of mortality
    Once a person retires, we often see it as an action related to age and capability. After all, nobody can work for the rest of his or her life, right?Seniors do associate retirement with age. And because of this, it is giving them a sign that they are already nearing the stage of losing something and someone. First and foremost, they lost their job. Second, they may lose their friends and other people they hold dear to their hearts.Friends, family, and loved ones, we cannot control a lot of things in our lives. And one of the things we have no control of is our life. Everything will end for all of us. Some may be earlier than what you have expected while others come in late.Witnessing the death of the people you love can be depressing and will lead you to ask many questions in life. But with the people you lose comes the people who will arrive in your life. Be positive and always welcome each day with a smile.

Discussing the emotional drawbacks of retiring should be a priority among older adults and those approaching their retirement age. If we do so, we can help various concerned individuals cope with the problem and avoid or solve it together.

Some seniors often spend the rest of their years alone and cold in their own abode. But this should not be the case. Hearts At Home Companion Care provides non-medical home care services in Norman, Oklahoma as well as companionship services for those who are well off into their retirement years. You deserve a companion.

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