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How to Turn Simple Everyday Items into Useful Tools for the Elderly

If you are caring for an elderly at home, then you will know the difficulties that come with it. There are things that may seem easy or safe to you but are actually difficult or dangerous to seniors. Thus, you should consider getting stuff for your elderly to ensure their comfort and safety.

You don’t need to buy the expensive stuff just to do that though. In fact, you can just take advantage of everyday tools at home. With ingenuity, you can transform these everyday items into tools that your senior can use. Born from creativity, here are some examples that you may want to take into consideration.


    The bathroom is the area in the home that provides the highest fall risk for the elderly. One scenario that you want to avoid is having the soap fall on the floor and causing the elderly to slip. So, you might want to consider putting a bar of soap inside an old stocking. You can then hang it from the shower. By doing that, you can prevent the soap from falling on the floor. In addition, using the stocking-wrapped soap to wash is a great method for exfoliation.


    Most seniors have a difficult time gripping cups and glasses. It is even more so when the cups are filled with beverage. To improve their gripping ability, you can take advantage of rubber bands. Simply wrap the rubber bands around the cup.


    Failing eyesight is common amongst seniors. That is why it might take some time for them to answer the phone when you call home. To reduce the difficulty of using the phone for seniors, you can use a nail polish on the buttons of your home phone. It is especially recommended to do so with the “answer” button. By using nail polish on the buttons, your senior loved one will have an easier time figuring out where the answer key or button is.


    Sometimes, the elderly will come to a point where they won’t be able to drink from cups without the aid of straws. However, just putting the straw inside the cup may still cause a bit of difficulty for seniors. In that case, you can make use of a clothespin. The clothespin can secure the straw in place allowing elderly loved ones to drink with ease.

The path of providing senior care is fraught with difficulties, regardless of whether you are a family caregiver or a provider of non-medical home care services in Norman, Oklahoma. Using your creativity in securing a comfortable and safe place for your elderly should put your mind at ease, even if it is just a little bit. If you need help in caring for your senior, Hearts At Home Companion Care is glad to assist you. Call us at 405-310-4000 for more information.

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