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How Would You Like To Be Remembered?

How Would You Like To Be Remembered?
Aging comes with a lot of positive and negative circumstances that lead to a whole new level of emotional, physical, and spiritual understanding. It is true that wisdom comes with age. But, while your senior loved one’s emotional and spiritual aspects have strengthened, their physical capabilities may be slowly degenerating.

When this happens, the dilemma of getting them a caregiver starts. For some, it might be absurd to think of someone else being at an intimate distance within your loved one but, you know that you and your relatives might need a whole lot of help in ensuring your senior’s health and wellness. They might be dealing with a lot more serious physical health issues that may need professional assistance. Safety is of utmost importance at their stage and you, as their family/guardian should never take that for granted.

No, of course, you would not want them to be put into a Home, so what do you do?

This is where we, at Hearts at Home Companion Care, come in. We are a Non-Medical Home Care Services in Norman, Oklahoma that seeks to assist your family members to achieve optimum comfort despite certain uneasiness that hinders them from enjoying the company of their loved ones. We acknowledge that each of our clients may have different needs, which is why we aim to make sure that we are able to cater to their personal preferences while they stay at home, and never miss out on a special family occasion.

We believe that home is where the heart is and with that, we want your senior loved ones to stay where their hearts are set. More often than not, grandchildren feel distant towards their grandparents. This is because some parents would opt to put them into a Home instead which may be quite a distance from their family home. We no longer want that to happen. Maintaining your elderly loved one’s emotional health is just as important as maintaining physical health.

We want your senior loved ones to be remembered as the warm, loving, compassionate individuals that played a huge part in your children’s or other relative’s lives. The ones who listened when no one did, or the ones that would cook your favorite dishes that no one could seem to make, not just the grandparents who stayed away because they felt quite sick.

So now, how would you want them to be remembered?

You may give us a call at 405-310-4000 to know how you can help your elderly loved one age with Heart.

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