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How Your Joke can make your Patient’s Day

How Your Joke can make your Patient’s Day

Laughter is the best medicine, they say. In reality, having a good laugh at least for a few minutes in a day can change your mood. It gives you a more positive vibe and sets a good mood all throughout the day. Now, imagine cracking a joke or two with your senior patient while having a good chat during meal time. Do you think it has an impact on their overall health?

Studies show that laughter gives a positive effect to your immune system and your hormones. These two are in constant communication with one another. If they are in good condition, it will have a smooth coordination keeping you healthy and disease free.

Today, on the blog, we will give you a brief overview of how a good laugh can boost your senior patient’s health. We take pride in our companionship services at Hearts at Home Companion Care, a growing non-medical home care services in Norman, Oklahoma because we have a team of caregivers who are passionate about taking care of seniors.

In addition, here are some reasons why laughter is life-saving.

  1. It can reduce risk of having high blood pressure

    As a caregiver, we are assigned to different patients every now and then. There are times when we encounter a sickly senior that would need keen attention on their medication and doctor’s appointment. There are also times when we meet active seniors who do not seem to age at all. When we have these kinds of patients, our focus should be more on how to keep them healthy.

    Thus, one way of keeping their blood pressure low is to make them laugh at least once a day. You can have a good chat on any funny memory that you had and share it with her. You can also watch funny videos that your patient will surely love. One good laugh a day is decreasing their risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

  2. It can relieve you from stress

    Senior stress is unpredictable. Some people may be stressed out about petty things like not being able to find their glasses or they do not like their food. Some seniors may also get stressed because they overthink a lot of things.

    Our job then as their daily companion is to make sure that they can release these small stressors by distracting them to doing fun things. You can have a simple game or you can tell them a joke or two. Surely, once they get their minds working on other things, they will forget their stress.

    Stress is very dangerous to the body. It can cause our immune system to be less efficient in protecting us from viruses. So we must avoid getting stressed at all times.

  3. It can cure chronic pains

    Whenever you hear your senior loved ones complaining about back pains, neck pains, and other body pains, these are usually caused by stress. When they are too sedentary and do not engage in physical activities, they are prone to experiencing body pains.

    With laughter, the body will release endorphins. These are considered to be our natural pain killers. So the more we laugh the more endorphins our body will release and naturally healing the body pains that we feel. It will also give us a bonus advantage by making us feel good every day.

If you want your seniors to be happy and feel good every day, let our caregivers take care of them. Hearts at Home Companion Care is best known for its individualized services thereby catering to the different needs of the patient. For a complete list of our services, call us at 405-310-4000.

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