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Is Holiday Depression Even a Thing?

Hearts at Home Companion Care - Is Holiday Depression Even a Thing?

Holidays are that time of the year when we can unwind and spend the rest of the day with our family, our friends, our special someone or even with ourselves. We all look forward to these times of the year particularly the holiday season.

So how was the holiday? How joyous was the trick or treat of your grandchildren? Was the family together last Thanksgiving? How big were the smiles when the whole family opened their gifts on Christmas Eve? Did you enjoy the colorful and bright fireworks display?

But not all people feel the joyous spirit of the holiday season. Sometimes, they feel lonely, sad and most of all, depressed. Holiday depression, is it a thing? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. And what is even more horrifying is the fact that the elderly is vulnerable to such feeling.

Common causes of holiday blues among seniors

There are many factors that can cause the depression among seniors during the holidays. According to an article written by Valerie Michel Buck and Jed Winegar, some of the common ones are as follows:

  • “Minor or serious medical problem”
    Picture this: today is the holiday. The streets are lit up with festive colors, TV advertisements and shows feature joyous moments and people’s faces are filled with smiles. But your doctor has just diagnosed you with a chronic condition.
  • Of course, anyone will feel depressed knowing that they are celebrating the holidays with a bad news to break to the whole family.

  • “Chronic pain or complications of an illness”
    Nothing is more painful than experiencing physical pain while seeing the world experiencing bliss. The least they can do is sympathize with you, right? But you cannot help it. It is your body that is not keeping up with the season.
  • “Loss of a spouse, close friend or companion”
    Saying goodbye to someone is sorrowful in itself, most especially when you will no longer see that someone walking in the same time and space as you. The pain will even skyrocket when you realize that you can no longer share a special season together.
  • “A move to a care facility”
    There is nothing more painful than spending Christmas in a place that is not home. Even if we do not like it, older adults need to be under the care of competent and professional hands in a suitable environment. Spending the holidays in another place far away from home is devastating. Nobody wants to be away from their comfort zone and their loved ones not especially during the holidays.
  • But who says you need to move out in order to be cared for this holiday season? If you are in need of a professional caregiver, you can always summon one to care for you. This service is made possible by Hearts At Home Companion Care.

    If the lack of a companion is your predicament on why you are having holiday blues, we have got your problem solved! Need any assistance in going to places? Do you want to be cared for during this special season without bothering and giving burden to your family? Do you not have anyone who can spend your Christmas and New Year’s Eve together with you in your cozy house?

    Just ask for a professional and trustworthy companion right now by going to our website at www.heartsathomeok.com or calling us at 405-310-4000.

    The year 2016 was such a blast and this year will even be better with 365 opportunities waiting along your way. So do not end your 2017 with depression. Ask for companionship from the number one provider of non-medical home care services in Norman, OklahomaHearts At Home Companion Care.

    If you felt the holiday depression last year, you should not let it bother you this year for this year should be the start of something new and joyous. Start your year right so that you will end it marvelously.

    Happy New Year! We hope to work with you this year to prevent you from feeling down in the holidays and at other times of the year.

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